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What in the world is Cellulose Acetate?!

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What in the world is Cellulose Acetate?!

What is Cellulose Acetate?!

The term cellulose acetate can sound like big science, but it’s definitely a material worth getting to know! Cellulose Acetate is a compound made from cellulose (polymer from wood fibre) and acetic acid, making it a fantastic alternative to plastic!

Where do you see it?

It can be used in creating clothing fibres, filters, and body accessories.
At Spruce you will find this material when browsing the most beautiful earrings, hair clips, and hair combs from stellar company Nat & Noor <3

Why choose it!

Cellulose acetate is more durable than plastic and it is biodegradable. It takes only 1-3 years for items made from Cellulose Acetate to break down unlike a plastic bag that can take 10-20 years.

At Spruce, we are dedicated to choosing companies + goods that are eco-conscious and quality made.

Feel great about adding these to your collection.






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