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Spruce has a Bottle Return Program?!?

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Spruce has a Bottle Return Program?!?

Have you ever noticed your empty bottles piling up after using all your favourite products?! Us too, so we decided to work out a system with select brands to create a Bottle Return Program through Spruce!!

At Spruce we are passionate about reusing and reducing before we start recycling, and we love working with brands that carry these similar values! 

Any of the empty product bottles/jars/containers from Jody's Naturals, Kodo Collection, Lure Hair Care, Wild Coast Perfumery, Roots to Wings , Forest Etiquette and Wick and Wave can be returned to Spruce for the companies to sterilize, and re-use!! We appreciate your courtesy in returning the jars in clean condition :)

We are also especially excited to have added our recent SpruceBabe candle collaboration to the return list!

To participate in our Bottle Return Program, simply bring your cleaned empty bottles (from the brands listed above) back to Spruce on your next visit, and we will distribute the empties back to the companies on order days!

Note* If you are returning a candle jar, we are stoked if it comes back clean, however, we are also happy to take care of that for you :) Our best tips for cleaning is to pop the jar in the freezer over night, then chip out the remaining wax on the bottom :)

Supporting locally made products that are beautiful, eco friendly, and mindful, creates space to care for yourself and the environment. If your local business is on the shelves of Spruce, and you would like to join this program, reach out! 

Note* There are no rebates for bottle returns, simply a motion to create a community of reusing and reducing before we think about recycling.

We're stoked to see you with your empty bottles to support this environment movement!!

-SpruceBabe, designed with the earth in mind <3

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