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How to: Up-cycle your own closet!

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How to: Up-cycle your own closet!

Turning winter into summer with $0

The weather is beginning to get warmer and it’s time to turn some of those pants and t-shirts you already own into shorts and crops.

Putting a pair of scissors to an article of clothing can feel a bit intimidating in the beginning, but these simple cuts can re-inspire and enhance your wardrobe, and with no cost to your wallet or the environment.

Here is a quick check list of tips to help your confidence in cutting or *sprucing up* your clothes ;)

-If it's you're very first time, practice first on an item you aren't too attached too such as a sweater with stain or a bedtime tee.

-Lay articles on a flat surface and smooth out the fabric to ensure both layers do not have any ripples

-You can use any type of scissors, but fabric scissors do work the best. A good pair of scissors has become one of my favourite tools. 

-Have a pair of shorts or a pre-cropped shirt in a length that you know you like handy to act as a guide to how much to chop

-To get a straight line you can use a ruler and a pencil to sketch a line, OR when your half way through your cut, flip the fabric over the remaining fabric to make sure things line up

-Remember less is more as you get used to this! You can always do another trim as needed.

-If you're cutting denim, that nice natural fringe will come after the washing machine!

-Turning pants into shorts come summer is an especially great option for the kiddos closet as often times kids will outgrow the length of their pants before the waist. 

Bonus: Save your off cuts for cleaning rags, craft projects, or bring them into Spruce to be up-cycled :)

Link --> Upcylced Goods

Check out our TikTok to see how we trim our shirts into crops! @SpruceBabe

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