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Spruce Clothing + Lifestyle
Our collections represent a minimalistic lifestyle, with a resourceful nature.
At Spruce we are determined to be the change. Aspiring to be the space that has the necessities and the FEELING. The PRACTICAL and the RESOURCEFUL. Rebelling against the missing link between product and maker. We set out to be the place you feel drawn to come too. Passionate about showcasing local artists, introducing their stories, providing quality knowledge, and connection. Connection to the goods and to each other.
Our story began in 2016 
The vision was to create a common place that would provide a safe and welcoming environment for self expression and community building, while also supporting the environment.

Offering curated thrifted clothing, as well as working and creating with fellow small businesses, what began as a hobby, quickly became an opportunity. With a common demand to change basic consumerism, we discovered our visitors could feel the difference in their experience at Spruce.
We began as a tiny shop in a spare room of our family home, growing slowing into a converted free standing car garage also on the family property. Slowly building inventory we began to reach out to more artists, curated more clothing, and worked closely with a brand team.

"SpruceBabe" was born.
Spruce operated in the intimate garage setting, and hosted the occasional ’Spruce Soiree’ for almost 2 years until the day 
Growth presented itself.  

Spruce Clothing + Lifestyle officially opened in Brentwood Bay June 1st 2019 where we now continue to grow, one foot in front of the other, standing strong in our original WHY

Witnessing consumer waste as a huge concern for our planet, our business model was built on being apart of the solution. We are committed to being a zero waste or full circle shop in all ways we can. From choosing locally hand made goods, curating thrifted clothing, ushering bottle return programs, hosting clothing swaps, and implementing donation programs at local schools;
We are here to be the difference, together.
Thank you for being here,

-Andria Paulo (owner/co-creator)

-Cedar (Certified Shop Dog)