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The demand for resale partnerships is ever growing, and we’re doing our best to offer a place for your quality clothing items—
Now purchasing clothing from the community Monday - Saturday 10am-5pm— 
Due to the nature, style, and size of our small business, we are particular with intake and would encourage you to be selective with your pile for Spruce! 

Always focusing on quality everyday wear, unique pieces, fellow local brands, handmade, or items designed to last. While our colour palate will bend with seasons; generally solids, neutrals, and demain are common picks. At Spruce, our moto is to operate from an ever rotating minimalist style closet, housing pieces that easily complement one another, allowing for a simplified, stylish, eco-friendly spread.
Items are purchased upfront for 40% of re-sell price (no consignment structure) leading us to be extra selective as we fully commit to each piece. 
We’re stoked for your interest here, and your commitment to eco solutions,
and look forward to browsing your pieces! 

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