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Clips from "Babes Build Community"

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Clips from "Babes Build Community"

Getting out of our comfort zone, last month we said YES to being a guest speaker at a wonderfully hosted networking circle- Babes on Beaches.

This gathering featured conversations around maneuvering businesses through a pandemic, personal and business growth strategies, and story sharing.

Huge thank you to Alana of The Local Picnic, and Jess from SALT for this opportunity. 

Whether you're just starting your business, been at it awhile, or are still in the dream faze, we feel conversations around what you're doing with other like-minded spirits is vital.

If you missed the event, but were curious about going, here are some clips from our speech <3 



"I would like to start this conversation off with the word GROWTH. I chose this word because we so often use it, desire it, and chase after it. But the funny thing is, is how often we resist it—    as growth often looks and feels much like DISCOMFORT." 


"The thing about being an entrepreneur (depending on your business) is there is no waiting for someone to tell you what to do— you are often the director, the decision maker— the leader. The person steering the ship, is you— and while that comes with so many benefits from creative freedom, endless revenue streams, making your own hours, working in your idea environment ect, it’s also means it’s you that has to show up to the plate in times of hardship, distress, change, and you guessed it, DISCOMFORT."


"INSERT ADAPTIBILITY—Ok we’re doing this, we’re closed, and everything needs to be contactless. I started asking myself questions like, “What is available for me to do?” “How are others in my industry showing up?” “What resources do I already have?” And “How am I prepared to show up to the new circumstances?”"


"BLESSED to run a business in a community where people not only  CARED about your survival, but were actively asking how they could help and support. WOW. That motivated us, and fuelled us to keep going; keep adapting."


"So we got CREATIVE. With everything closed and no in person interactions, I started sharing more videos on social  because they felt more personal. Not only did we start showcasing more videography of product use, and tips, as well as clothing alterations, we also started sharing videos of us authentically going through the human motions and emotions. We felt strongly about sharing our relatability and vulnerability as a human, rather than just a business, and had the most positive feedback and conversations stem from these posts."


"RESILIANCE This is where we need to ensure we go to the spiritual gym. Ensure you’re maintaining the things that clear your mind, fuel your body, and feed your spirit. For me, things like yoga, family time, quality food, hikes, beaching, photography, naps, and a clean house get me going. And all of these were possible during “lockdown”

Remember as an entrepreneur, your business is you, and you are your business, if you fall apart, often so does it. If you show up more relaxed and in a higher vibration, often so does it."


"PASSION + PERSERVERANCE if I have ANY advise to anyone starting a business, I would say do what you love. It will come naturally, easily, NOT EFFORTLESSLY, but if you're sharing with the world something deeply rooted within you, you will have enough PASSION to PERSEVERE, every time."


"She did it because 

She wholeheartedly believed in it

She did it because she couldn’t stand not doing it—

That’s the best reason to do anything."




Thanks for reading <3

Photo by Michelle Proctor, headshot included with event <3

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