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CRIB! All spruced up :)

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CRIB! All spruced up :)

Spruce exclusive Crib design just arrived for the summer! Small batch only, with limited one of a kind qualities!

These live edge boards are locally made in Sidney BC with a carved peg pocket for our custom glass pegs by Brentwood Bay artist 49 South. These boards also include our signature mountains and waves engraving, a spruce tree to note the skunk line, as well as a "made in Sidney" engraving for the back!

These boards are truly pieces of art, designed for everyday use.

Being the ultimate adventure game- pack this piece into the camper, take it on your next road trip, slip er into your beach bag, or bring it to your local brewery! These boards also carry a true west coast vibe displayed on your dining table at home and also make a beautiful memory piece for guests :D

Link --> SpruceBabe House Crib Boards

Everyone has their own unique rules they use for crib but the basics are always the same! 

Crib is played with 2-4 people with a standard pack of 52 cards. You are dealt 6 cards each had which two you toss into a “crib” which is alternated between players. You score points by pegging and counting points in your hand and your crib. The goal of the game is to reach 121 points first! Some key terms to make you sound like a pro include “skunk line”, “double skunk”, “29 hand” “jack matches” and “15-2-15-4 and a pair is 6”! For a more intensive crash course on the game check out 


Crib is there for your next adventure.


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