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Born and raised in beautiful Brentwood Bay, I was a wanderlust spirit in a small town. After spending some time travelling and exploring, I recognized my love was always for the little places. Those places you would stumble upon the way, the ones you didn’t mean to find, but will never forget —

From there a desire came, a desire to be that place, to create that feeling at home, for others to find, feel, and resonate.

Andria Paulo,
owner, co-creator

Tucked away in a little corner of Brentwood Bay, find Spruce attached to Beauregard Cafe. At our lively hub, seek here; island vibes, intentionally picked goods, and rebranded clothing. Where community is our nature, and local is our pillar, we’re here to style your next adventure.

Designed with the earth in mind.

She looked like the beach.
As if she had spent so many
peaceful hours there
The two had somehow become
one and the same
Their colours matched, their
waves were similar, and the
sparkle on the water was the
same as the one in her eyes.