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Dry Body Brush


Dry Body Brush


Dry brushing dates back to Ayurvedic medicine, a holistic healing system that's been practiced in India for thousands of years. Dry skin brushing is an incredible self awareness tool and ritual that will aid in dead skin cell removal and increase cell repair turnover. Dry skin brushing has also been known to help reduce cellulite by increasing blood circulation and promoting collagen and elasticity production when practiced regularly. Further, regular dry skin brushing can also aid in tightening and toning excess or loose skin, and stimulate lymphatic drainage. This is an energizing practice that will help with smooth, soft skin.

“As with all Ayurvedic rituals, dry brushing should be practiced consciously. Being aware of how the practice supports the function of several body systems can make it even more beneficial.” 


How to use: With gentle pressure, brush skin repeatedly in circular strokes, slowly moving towards the direction of your heart. Example: Starting and your toes and working upwards your legs. Finish with a bath or shower then directly apply a clean body oil/butter. We like to finish with Tallow Balm. 

Best used 1-2 times per week, or when ever you feel you need a self boost.

Product is founded in Vancouver BC.