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Spice it up Puzzle

Fits Puzzles

Spice it up Puzzle


I think it's safe to say Puzzling has given me a new sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and peacefulness. Almost enchanting, I look forward to that time in the evening (or morning) when my mind can be relaxed and stimulated all at the same time. 

After discovering Fits Puzzles at one of our favourite fellow shops Merge, Tofino, we decided quite quickly puzzling was going to be apart of winter routine for us. We learned with some research that puzzling is a proven form of meditation that can help release stress and anxiety and encourage your mind into flow-state.

FLOW STATE -  A place where deep relaxation, positive detachment, synchronicities, ideas, manifestations, and magic happens.

Small batch made, Vancouver based company featuring artists from around the world. 

Once you've completed your puzzle you can glue & frame it to celebrate the art that it is.

Well made and make you want to eat tacos everyday :)