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Consignment is back! :)

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Consignment is back! :)

When visiting our brick and mortar, the most commonly asked question by Spruce customers is, “Are these clothes second hand?”

And the answer is YES YES YES!

Spruce loves sustainable fashion. This means you get that beautiful boutique experience while also doing good for the environment! <3 

In perfect timing with season change, we are back accepting consignment!
Cruise down anytime during open hours and bring a max of 5 of your favourite items (to part with) to Spruce, with no appointment necessary!

We're looking for those quality, everyday island wear pieces; Loving neutral palates, with the occasional solid bright colour, simple patterns, and quality fabrics. While we do accept many recognized brands, we also crave those handmade, vintage and one of a kind items. 

There are two different ways to receive your consignment payout. We offer either a 50/50 split under a clothing tab which you can use on any of our lightly loved clothing, or a cheque for 40% of the items priced.

Not all of our clothes come in on consignment though :) We also offer our house handpicked thrifted treasures from all over the island, a definite passion of ours! These carefully curated items are always laundered, and often in house mended or altered to fit our collection. Watch for our house rebranded lines as we launch screen prints as well create full up-cycles!
(Note* some exciting new summer wear in the works!).

Our goal is to promote a sustainable and a circular economy while maintaining the beauty and excitement of expressing through clothing.

With new pieces arriving daily, you never know what you’re going to find when you visit Spruce :)

Clothing for individuality, creating sustainability- SpruceBabe

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